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Demo The Magic Band – Mallard (1974)


Para todos los fanaticos, acá les dejo un demo de la Magic Band de Beefheart luego del trágico Unconditionally Guaranteed que dejaría como saldo, la partida de toda la Magic Band para iniciar un proyecto aparte.

Ese proyecto acabaría por convertirse en Mallard, pero antes de eso, hubo demos. Y en esas demos tenemos como cantante ni mas ni menos que a John French (a.k.a Drumbo), el baterista de la Magic Band.

En sintesis, unas cuantas canciones de demo, que para quien haya oído Mallard me entenderá…French tendría que haber sido el cantante de la banda

Info en ingles

After the most consistent lineup of the Magic Band left Don after Unconditionally Guaranteed, they didn’t immediately become Mallard. Several lineups with the former Magic Band members were made, including this one that retained the Magic Band name. Pictures are of the members in the recording over various years.

Bill Harkleroad – Guitar
Alex Snouffer – Guitar
Mark Boston – Bass
John Thomas – Keys
John French – Drums & Vocals

00:00 A Piece of Me
04:12 Let That Child Live
07:36 Reign of Pain
10:52 One Day Once
14:12 Hot Ice (Instrumental)
18:22 Hot Ice (Vocals)

John French: That demo was recorded in two places. The instrumentals were recorded in Bill’s “shed” house in Arcata. He had a loft bed, and the drums were underneath. That was the “drum booth.” The vocals were added in Malibu at the beach house of some famous DJ ( can’t recall which one, but it could have been Casey Kasem). Ted Alvy, as I recall, did the technical stuff using the DJ’s tape decks. I think the shower was my vocal booth!
The personnel was Bill Harkleroad, Alex Snouffer, Mark Boston, John Thomas ( keys) and myself. We were planning on getting a drummer and I would just sing, but it never happened. BTW — we were never called Mallard then. That was a name they chose after re-forming without me. We were “The Magic Band.”
I noticed that “Hot Ice” riffs were later used on “You Know You’re a Man.” Probably, Don just used a riff of Bill’s and claimed it as his own. I know Bill would never do that.
It must have been the Fall of 1974. We rapped it a couple of months later. I came back to Lancaster from Northern California on November 21. I was 26.
I’ve never been much on lyrics and would have much rather played instrumental music, but I think that the music ( mostly Bill’s) really was the shining moment in that music. I had been in theater for three years when they called me to play and so had to start over with the singing. I can’t remember much about this, but will give a listen on my iPod while working and see what comes back. We recorded this music in Bill’s shed — where he was living with his girlfriend at the time. We borrowed a Teac 3340 -four-track tape recorder and begged a bunch of mics and a mixer off some friends. Bill was the main impetus of the group when I showed up. The first thing I heard was “One Day Once” and I went outside and wrote lyrics in about 10 minutes. Art Tripp was still playing drums at that point but he left shortly after — burned out from the music business. Most of the stuff was in the wrong key for me. All the stuff that says “Harkleroad, Music” was written before I arrived with the exception of “Reign Of Pain” which was a song I did with another band . Bill added the middle section.
Hot Ice may have been a collaboration on the lyrics.
That’s about all I know. Just don’t call it a “Mallard Demo.” It was The Magic Band then. Mallard was something they came up with after I left.